Wednesday, 30 May 2012

BASS is going to Flag Fen!

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First of all, an apology for the radio silence over the past few months. BASS have been extremely busy flogging off the last remnants of the SEAT merchandise to the denizens of the archaeological community, usually located at the back at whatever pub is nearest the finds tent.

We've managed to send T shirts all over the world; the UK, Austria, Cyprus and America to name a few places. The legacy of SEAT has extended to the furthest corners of the globe, and BASS is proud to carry on their honoured traditions.

Thanks to you and your generous parting of your cash in support of the T shirts, BASS has raised £100 for DigVentures! That's £100 that goes straight into the back pocket of whoever's handling the running of things up at Flag Fen. Tidy.

Not content with just throwing money at things, BASS are going to travel up to Peterborough to oversee the goings on at Flag Fen to make sure that the money - your money - is well spent. We expect the best bottle of stout and the promise of a lock-in on our arrival. Our thanks to DigVentures for allowing us to help out on this very important project.

We've got a few things in the pipeline for the next few months, so watch this space for more BASS action. In the meantime, here's another tip of archaeology for you student types:

Archaeology tip #31: Always pack a spare trowel. You never know when one might be used as a makeshift bottle opener.