Friday, 16 March 2012

BASS gains possession of contraband! Help support DigVentures

Super Extreme Archaeology Team
In celebration of reaching 500 friends on their Facebook profile, BASS have some exciting news:

The previously contraband Super Extreme Archaeology Team T shirts are once again available to the public!

These T shirts are extremely limited (as in, they're not supposed to even have these ones, so they're kind of rare). More details to follow, but the gist of it is that we're flogging these off for £10 a piece. An archaeological bargain.

To all you skeptics who think that BASS will spend all the money on booze, think again. All the cash that comes in from these T shirts will go straight to help DigVentures reach their goal. Every penny will go to a very very worthy cause in archaeology. If BASS raise enough, they might be able to take part in the dig itself, giving you all updates from the road.

So in summary, you can nab a super limited edition (as in Black Market limited edition) SEAT T shirt for a tenner, and all of that cash goes towards DigVentures. How does that sound?

Interested? Let us know. We'll get some more details soon!


Kate Moss said...

I own one of these T-Shirts, and I can absolutely guarantee its made me 49% more successful at tidy darts. Buy yours now!

British Archaeological Super-Squad said...

49% is an increase that we like, Kate. Not only that, but these shirts are guaranteed to get you some trench action.